Developing Your Mediumship

The first thing we should remember is that we are all individuals, with our own characteristics and personalities.

This applies in the same way to our own Mediumistic abilities. Though we should all strive to being the best Medium we can, we must resist the temptation to being “a clone” of a Medium that we admire or has inspired us the most. Yes, we can try to emulate one or two aspects of that particular Mediums qualities and incorporate them within our own, but we should also extend that out to other Mediums who have their own unique qualities.

In this way, we utilise methods and techniques that resonate and work for us having proved their worth within our own Mediumship. Along with our own thoughts and ideas, these all become embodied into our own personal expression of Mediumship and this is where you develop into being a Medium in your own individual way.

The journey of developing your Mediumship should be a happy one in all respects. If you do not have the desire or will to suceed and work hard over a long period of time, then you will surely fall by the wayside. The good news is that whatever you have learned will be with you should you so desire to continue developing your Mediumship at some later stage.

Being a Medium can be as simple as being able to obtain a link to Spirit and is attainable for the majority of people if they are serious in their endeavours. The trainee should be aware from the outset that being a competent Medium does not happen over night and may take several years before any significant development is obtained. Like all things being built, a strong base is essential so a slow a steady learning period should be expected, but the rewards will certainly justify your patience.