Meet the Team

Vince De Pasquale – Group Leader

Hi, my name is Vince and I am the Group Leader for The York Group of Spiritualists.

The Group was established in 2015 and my desire was to create a place of learning where anyone with an interest in the area of Spiritualism could come and develop their chosen subject. It is run on a voluntary and non profit basis and our low admission fees are designed to allow access to our Group for even those on low incomes.

Like a lot of people, my interest was stimulated from my family when I was growing up and has never really left me. I have sat in both “closed and open circles”, attended lots of workshops, courses including Spiritualist National Union Courses at Stanstead and Stafford. Not to mention the countless demonstrations of the various types of Mediumship.

Being a working Medium never really gripped me and I firmly believe Spirit directed me to the teaching and education side of things where I could be of help to those seeking knowledge and tuition.

My classes are designed for people to learn in a relaxed and fun atmosphere but at the same time in a serious manner as I believe this promotes the ability to learn and greatly helps confidence building.

So my role within the Group is the teaching of Mediumship, not only to beginners, but those with some knowledge or in need of refreshing their skills. That’s beside organising venues, workshops and booking Mediums of course!

Myself and the Groups Team Leaders look forward to seeing you at our sessions.


Linda Calladene-brookes

Hi I am Linda Calladene-brookes Spiritualist and for the past 40 plus years I have worked alongside Spirit. This journey, although not always easy for me, has taken and taught me so many different ways in which I can help you and others move forward on their own journey.

Working as a professional Tarot Card Reader, I use both my psychic and mediumistic gifts in order to bring to life for you a reading that touches your soul and helps. We would reminisce, laugh and deal with empathy, any day to day struggles which may be holding you back, leaving you with a card reading like no other.

I also work within the altered state realms. Years as a Trance Medium have brought about a strong and deep connection with my Gatekeeper, Thomas, who keeps me on the straight and narrow whilst guiding me to this point in my life and enabling me to teach Trance to people like you who seek a deeper understanding and connection with Spirit. I am totally committed to my work and am totally honest when dealing with Spirit.

They say that a day without laughter is a day wasted – I love to laugh. Working with Spirit is not all doom and gloom. Come and join me, see and feel for yourself and feel your own energy rise as Spirit comes close.

If you feel you have any at all……..I am only a message away from helping you.

Sue Westmoreland

Hi, I am Sue Westmoreland. All my life I’ve had the gift of being psychic with Mediumistic leanings which took me from the age of 14 on both a Spiritual and Healing journey.

Many years on, and I am now a trained and professional Reiki Master teacher, Psychic Medium, Spiritual Counsellor and more recently a soul midwife. All are of areas that I love. I am trained in many alternative teachings…….esoteric, astrology, mystical paths and tarot.

I love working within the area of altered states. Trance Healing, direct speak and philosophy as given to me by my guide, Bright Star.

As the newest member of the Group, I will be running the Spiritual Healing Group. Members of the Group will learn about energies and how they help or hinder our health, healing techniques with practice nights. Also touching and discussing all other types of complementary healing.


Please message me if working with energies are of interest to you?

I look forward to hearing from you.

Sandy Moir Sellers

Hello, my name is Sandy, I am a Tarot reader and teacher, Spiritual Portrait Artist and Reiki Master.

I also do Charm casting and Witches Runes.

I am passionate about Tarot, that’s why I love to teach it, to share my knowledge with others.

Tarot will enhance your spiritual journey and personal development, you will develop a relationship with your cards with a deeper knowledge of Tarot itself.

Once you get to really know the card meanings it becomes a way of life, a different mindset…..absolutely amazing.

My class is of mixed ability from beginners to advanced, everyone learns at their own pace, each one of you will receive individual attention. I teach the basics of Tarot through to the deepest depth, different layers to work with to get much more from your readings.

You will learn practical reading techniques, different spreads, build your confidence and skill.

I will be available for any questions or advice either on our Group facebook page or you can PM me.