Who We Are and What we Do

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The York Group of Spiritualists is a local Spiritualist Group that is not affiliated to any Spiritualist Church or body. It was formed in February 2015 with the specific intention of providing affordable admission at a level which will allow the majority of people entry.   Currently our weekly sessions cost just £4 with Demonstrations and Events dependant on the projected expenses.

Members consist of a small group of enthusiastic people with the focus on providing a venue where people can learn and develop their Mediumistic and Psychic abilities in a friendly environment with other like minded people.

The founder of The York Group of Spiritualists was inspired to create a Group where *members could either discover or progress with their Mediumistic and Psychic abilities in a truly friendly environment that resembled that found in a Home Circle. Traditionally, Home Circles are “Closed” in that only those specifically invited are allowed to attend. The sessions run by The York Group of Spiritualists are “Open” therefore a personal invitation is not required meaning anyone may just turn up on the night. However, this is not the case for Special Events such as Demonstrations and Workshops where pre booking is necessary.

Having attended many workshops and development groups himself he found a common theme, and this was that students came away excited at what they had learnt and achieved. They had, very gently, stepped out of their comfort zone and, by the end of the session, worked at a level they thought, for them, was unachievable.

Little did they realise, but not only were they developing their Mediumistic and Psychic abilities, they were also developing another aspect of their inner self.
This included:
Having a more positive outlook on life
Building much needed confidence
Socialising with like minded people and
Generally enjoying life in a more relaxed and purposeful way.

It could therefore be seen that it was a case of having everything to gain, but nothing to lose.

With all these benefits in mind, it was felt that a Local Spiritualist Group would be beneficial and The York Group of Spiritualists was born in the hope of attracting those people who wished to know more about their true selves. It also provides a venue where members can talk about their interests without fear of being laughed at because of their beliefs.

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*Members – this term refers to attendees, since no membership fees are required nor are any personal records kept except with that persons permission.