Spiritualist Organisations

There are various Spiritualist Organisations throughout the UK and listed below are three highly respected main ones together with a brief description of what they do.  I would recommend that you visit their websites by clicking on the links provided for further information.

The Spiritualists National Union (The SNU)

The SNU’s goal is to advance Spiritualism and supports around 340 churches throughout the UK with a combined membership of approx. 11,500 people. This figure increases when you take into account those attending church that are not members.

The SNU have 7 Principles which they adhere to, in a similar way as do the Catholic Church with their 10 Commandments.

The SNU promotes both education and teaching and have two colleges based at Stansted (The Arthur Findlay College just outside London) and Stafford (The Barbanell Centre (West Midlands). Courses are ongoing throughout the year and can be booked via their website at www.snu.org


The Greater World Spiritualist Association

This Association was inspired by an earthly Messenger through the Mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes in 1921. This Messenger, although unknown, chose to use the name “Zodiac” as a means of lifting our thoughts from Earth into the Heavens.

Zodiac named his work “The Christ Mission” and rather like The SNU with its 7 Principles, The Greater World’s teachings are founded on, “Beliefs”, “Pledge” and “Objectives”.

They also run courses on subjects such as Mediumship and Healing.

The Greater World Church is based in London:

Contact: 020 7436 7555

There are two churches that can be found locally:

Greater World Christian Spiritualist Church

14 Clarendon Road, Leeds, LS2 9NN

Contact: Tel 0113 245 6623

Westborough Spiritual and Healing Centre

12 Pavillion Square, Scarborough, YO11 2JN

Contact: Tel 01262 403283 or on Facebook

The Spiritualist Association of Great Britain

This association, which is based in London, does not have a network of Churches around the UK like the SNU.

It’s focus is on the training and development of those who seek it and runs a vast array of courses to suit everyone. They also hold Platform Demonstrations, Divine Services, walk in Healing Clinics, Counselling, Psychic Art, Trance and Philosophy lectures to name just a few.

The Spiritualist Association of Great Britain have a set of 7 Principles but these differ greatly to those of the SNU.

Their highly informative website can be reached on: www.sagb.org.uk