The Mechanics of Mediumship

Most of us are not natural Mediums, and like any other person who wishes to improve their performance, be it a musician or sportsperson for example, must put in the time and effort to achieve their goal. Getting started with your Mediumship is learning all about “The Mechanics of Mediumship.”

This includes topics such as:

The different types of Mediumship

Working with energies

Improving your awareness

The benefits of meditation

Building your confidence

How to obtain a link to the Spirit World

Building the power for your Mediumship

What is evidence/the different kinds of evidence

The difference between a Psychic and Mediumistic link

Conducting yourself as a Medium

Training as a Medium can be likened to learning to drive a car, your instructor will teach you the workings of a vehicles gears, clutch, brakes etc and the importance of being aware of other road users. He or she will guide you through the motions of driving a car until you become proficient and pass your test. From this point onwards you will develop your own way of driving which will become unique to you.

The same applies to working as a Medium, once you have learnt “The Mechanics of Mediumship,” found your awareness of Spirit, put them in to practice, you will then develop your own individual way of working as a Medium.

The more we practice, the more time and effort we apply to our training, then the better we become. As a trainee Medium, it is therefore important that we practice on a regular and continuing basis with as many “live subjects” as possible.

Here at The York Group of Spiritualists this is what we do, so we welcome all those who have an interest in developing as a Medium to our group sessions.

Hope to see you there!