What We Do

The first point to mention is that we are not a Spiritualist Church, we do not hold Divine Services, nor do we sing hymns as you would expect in a traditional Spiritualist Church. What we do as a local Spiritual Group is dedicate ourselves to learning and increasing our knowledge on the subject of Spiritualism, and in particular Mediumship.

Although we have a Group Leader, the sessions are run on a co-operative type basis, that is, members who are showing significant development are encouraged to take on the mantle of Group Leader for the evening.  Those members are invited to take a session on whatever subject they have a special interest in and wish to share with the rest of the group. This has a huge effect of promoting their own confidence, development and helps by way of maintaining interest within the Group.

In addition, we occasionally hold a “Special” where experienced Mediums are invited to take our Group for a Workshop and demonstrations. These will be advertised on our Special Events Page at that time.

Our sessions include:

Awareness, Mediumship, Psychic work, Guided Meditations (including Sitting in The Power), Psychometry, Working with Colours, Working with Crystals, Working with Energies, Working with Auras, Inspirational Writing and Painting, Reading Tarot and Oracle Cards, Reading with Ribbons, Spiritual Healing, and Crystal Ball Reading.


If you would like to hold a Psychic Evening at your own venue, then we can arrange for some of our Mediums to come along and give readings. (Subject to availability)

Simply provide your contact name, venue address, expected turnout and date you would like the event to be held.

We will then contact you and discuss your requirements further, and how best to organise the event.