Spiritualist Church and Spiritualist Groups

The York Group of Spiritualists one of many independant Spiritualist Groups


Welcome to the website of The York Group of Spiritualists and we hope that within these pages you will find something of interest, not just about our Group, but about Spiritualism in general. Spiritualist Groups can be found worldwide, as can a Spiritualist Church, but this website explains what our small Group is about, what we do and how we do it.

It’s probably wise at this point to explain the difference between a Spiritualist Group and  Spiritualist Church.


In fact there is not a lot of difference! A Spiritualist Group is generally run independently by one person or small group of people, and does not have any affiliation to a Religious body where there are strict overriding rules that need to be adhered to. They do not generally conduct “Divine Services” (which is explained below) but are more focused on teaching and the development of Mediumship in it’s various forms. These can consist of weekly “Open Circles” conducted by the Group Leader and in some cases “Special Events” where a Medium is invited to take the Group for teaching, and or Mediumship Demonstrations.

Although smaller in respect of Membership numbers, the importance of Spiritualist Groups cannot be over emphasised as this allows information and knowledge to not just local people but hopefully to a worldwide audience.


A Spiritualist Church covers all or most of the activities of a Spiritualist Group but is restricted to the rules and regulations of their governing body. An example of this is The Spiritualist National Union, more commonly known as “The SNU” who abide by “The Seven Principles” which is akin to the Catholic church which has “The Ten Commandments”. Churches affiliated to the SNU also have a rule book which gives guidance to the Committee and Church Members on how the Church should be run and how they need to conduct themselves as part of the governing body.

A Spiritualist Church has “Divine Services” where a Medium is invited to take the Service which will include philosophy (a talk on a specific subject or subjects, the choice of which is left to the Medium) and demonstration of his or her Mediumship. 

Other activities will include “Healing Sessions” where Members can train for a qualification or provide Healing to those in need.


You may have checked into this site out of sheer curiosity, or perhaps you are one of a growing number of people that have had what you would call a “paranormal experience” and wish to find an answer to your question, “did it happen or was I imagining it?” There are so many questions to be answered and then each answer leads on to another question which means we can never be in a position where we have full knowledge of our subject.

Well, although we cannot answer your question immediately, we do have a “Contact Us” page where your welcome to relate your experience and hopefully we can put your mind at ease.

Whatever the reason, you can be assured that you are welcome to simply browse this site, contact us for advice or information or even enquire about attending our Mediumship Development sessions.

We have included a page covering “A History of Modern Spiritualism” which is synonymous with the Fox Sisters of Hydesville. We have a page on “Developing Your Mediumship” and yet another one on “The Mechanics of Mediumship” both of which should be of interest to the developing Medium.

Included in our Links Page are various websites where you can find even more information and one we would particularly recommend is www.tonystockwell.com an amazing Medium who shares much more information and knowledge.

If you have a photo of anything unexplained or of a paranormal nature which you feel deserves inclusion in our Gallery, then simply email a copy for our consideration. Please ensure there are no copywrites and you have permission to publish.